Why a Hospitality Division?

Romatex has been manufacturing goods for the Hospitality sector for many years, and as a result of the popularity of these products we decided to implement a dedicated hospitality division which opened for trading in August 2013. We’ve learnt a lot since then, and have widened our product offering to cater for an expansive clientele offering both natural and synthetic fibre products and a varying range of hotel quality bed linen, as well as other products such as towels, duvets, pillows, gowns, slippers, blankets, mattress protectors, pillow protectors and more. Satin Stitch products as well as bespoke embroidery designs are also available as part of our offering. Please get in touch with one of our friendly sales professionals on the following contact details:

Gauteng Region (Alta Greyson) Office 011 477 0195 email: agreyson@romatex.co.za

Western Cape (Carmen Stewart) Office 021 933 9838/29 email: cstewart@romatex.co.za

Kwazulu Natal (Sunitha Singh) Office 031 450 9222 ssingh@romatex.co.za

Head Office (Cape Town) 021 933 9800

Institutional Textiles

Romatex understands the rigorous quality requirements of the institutional marketplace as well as operating within the local content confines of the preferential procurement policy framework act. We are able to source locally and globally to find a tailor made solution that meets and exceeds your needs, and our SABS ISO9001 quality management systems certification ensures consistency throughout your supply chain. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

Why a Hospitality Shop?

In order to offer Guest Houses, B&B / Lodge clients as well as the general public convenience we opted to open a dedicated Hospitality Shop at our factory site in Elsies River, Cape Town. This shop operates separately and in addition to our existing factory shop, and offers the same goods we offer to our hotel clients at really good prices.

Hospitality Shop Contact Number: +27 (0)21 933 9875